Fireplace Options – Flame Tower Heater

flame tower heater

Fireplace Options – Flame Tower Heater

When you are looking for a fireplace that has heat without the flames, a heating unit like a flame tower may be what you are looking for. A fireplace with no flames is certainly a better option than having to get up and make campfires on your property with open flames.

The flame tower is a small unit that is mounted on a flat base and designed to get the hot air up to the top of the cone. The top of the cone heats the bottom of the cone will warm the top of the receiver unit. The bottom of the receiver unit has a heat absorbing material that gets heated and then gets forced into the heat source on the top of the tower. The heat from the receiver gets sent down to the unit below it.

The cone of the flame tower heater will heat the air up, which provides a hot air source for whatever fireplace you are using the unit for. It is a very efficient way to provide heat without burning the fuel or creating smoldering embers. You do not have to worry about getting ashes all over your living room or yard when using the units.

If you own an indoor or outdoor fireplace that you would like to use to heat your home or patio area then it may be a good idea to consider purchasing a unit like this. The flame tower heater works well in a variety of ways. There are many different styles and designs to choose from as well as sizes and wattage.

Today’s homes are becoming more environmentally conscious. Gas fireplaces are being phased out and now the fireplace industry is offering environmentally friendly options. Some people are opting for the simpler style of gas grills and fire pits, while others are choosing to go with a portable unit like the flame tower heater. Either way, it is important to note that these units burn clean and are not harmful to the environment.

The portable models are often battery operated and can be very portable and lightweight. Many of the newer models even have LED lights that light up when they are on. It is possible to buy one of these units with wheels, which make it easy to move around the house and take with you on your daily camping trips.

One of the best parts of these units is that they allow you to take advantage of their superior heat retention as well as their air circulation abilities. This makes them excellent for the backyard area as well as inside the house. There are portable units that you can fold up and carry with you that can make sure that there is always an open flame for those that want to light a campfire in the evening.

Other similar units are also available that are designed to heat a space without ever having to touch fuel. They can warm up your basement easily and you can even have one installed in your bathroom. The good thing about these units is that the heating element is able to disperse heat without emitting smoke or ash.